Check Your Facts on Facebook

Today I clicked on a shared link from an old friend who is an interesting blend of staunch conservative and loving heart,  where I found myself viewing a vicious attack, a video of a thug beating up an elderly man. The posting title alleged that the vicious thug was Michael Brown, a young black man who was killed by a policeman in Ferguson, Mo. last year. Michael’s killing was the subject of a great deal of publicity and ultimately became the rallying point for  the group “Black Lives Matter.”

[NOTE: I have become more and more concerned with the number of killings by policemen all over the country, which seem to have increased exponentially of late, particularly. Later on, perhaps in another article,  I will cite some pages of statistics that reflect this alarming development.]

This particular Facebook posting referred to Michael Brown  as “The Gentle Giant,” with a question mark in the title.  Shocked at first, I did a little fact checking and back tracking, winding up at my favorite de-bunking website, As I suspected, it was NOT a video of Michael Brown and, according to Snopes,  most likely was videoed in an apartment in Texas, where Michael Brown had never been.  I read Snopes’ comparative analysis of the person in the video, freeze-framed and compared with Michael Brown’s features, skin tone, size, and so forth, and the contrasts between Mr. Brown and the thug in the video became quite obvious to this untrained eye. The apartment complex where the video was taken was identified as one most likely in Texas,  and the article concluded the same as I suspected: FALSE ~the video was NOT of Michael Brown.  According to        they went on to say,
“Since Brown’s death in August 2014, several rumors have circulated about him that have later been proved entirely false: one involving his supposed arrest record, another claiming he had gravely injured Officer Darren Wilson, and one displaying a photo of gun-wielding murder suspect Joda Cain that was touted as depicting the “real Mike Brown”.

THIS is a sample of what so easily slips into the pipeline on Facebook and other Social media, “alleged” truths. I don’t know the intent of the poster, could be anything, a joke even, but the implication was to perpetuate hate and to negate the worldwide condemnation of the tragic occurrence that ultimately caused the “Black Lives Matter” group to be formed.

Why perpetrate lies? To incite conflict. to generate anger. To elicit hatred, even. To cause confusion and calamity. To negate. These are the result of stories and postings and other things that are being put out there for people to see and react.

I went back to the site that had “shared” this post with my friend.  Ostensibly, this man was a “Christian” ( a term bandied about a LOT as it is re-defined to fit the person’s prejudices instead of Christ’s teachings, I have  noticed). A few things, including this video, that I saw on his site were quite UN-Christian and disturbing. I addressed those in a short message to him, including a link to for future fact-checking and a comment on a post he had shared that referred to “some girls” as “sluts” adding  that, given his (attractive) appearance, I would bet money that he was applauded as a “stud” in his time for doing the same things he was condemning those girls for. I concluded with reference to the video, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”  Enough said, I thought.

I’ll be interested in his reply and will share that with you, should he deign to respond.

[NOTE: There was no response to my comment.]

In the meantime, check your facts before you share a post. Who knows what tragedies doing so might prevent?

[ EDIT:   After witnessing trailing after the Clinton Machine to whitewash every unsavory truth during our illusionary Presidential election 2016, I no longer trust their egregiously biased website any further than $Hillary can sling one of Bill’s many, many…many paramours.
However, in this one instance, I found them credible ]